Friday, December 11, 2009

New baby

Today I went to the OBGYN and had the "wonderful" exam. This doctor doesn't do 8 week ultrasounds like my old doctor. So today I was able to listen to the heartbeat. It took the doctor a little bit to find it since the heart beat was way over to the right side of my abdomen. It was awesome though! We kept finding my heartbeat but then it happened! The beautiful sound of a fast little heart beat. I love this baby already.

I am excited to have another little body in our home. This baby (I know) will bring so much happiness and joy. I cant wait to have another happy little giggle running around. I love my life

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


These doors are almost completely covered

The garages across from my front door. That is my neighbors daughter crawling across the snow since she kept falling through up to her hip. I heard something scraping my front door so I opened it and she was digging us out. She is so nice. Thanks Blasi!

The snow was halfway up our door and Blasi dug us out. She said that she likes to do it. As you can see, our shovel is buried...

So school is canceled and we are pretty much stuck in our houses. As you can see it is pretty piled up. Yesterday it snowed about 12 inches or more yesterday (Lance says only 10) So it was pretty rough. It literally snowed all day.

Anyway, today it hasn't snowed BUT the winds are so strong and the snow drifts are large that they are telling people not to leave their houses! (and lance just came down stairs to ask if her could go get some pizza...) As you can see the snow drifts in front of our windows are about 4 feet up. Our neighbors is a little higher but it is right in front of their door, and a building down if you look really closely at the second picture all the way to the right, you can see that their front door is pretty much all the way covered.

While I was outside for 5 minutes, I was only able to take 5 pictures because the camera froze. It was crazy and VERY windy!

The joys of living in Iowa...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Smarty Pants

This week Devy has started talking so much! Everyday I am surprised with the amount of things she is picking up. Just this week, she has started saying: happy, doggy, she barks like a dog, and then I just asked her to get the wipes for me and she DID IT!! I was so surprised! She is so smart!
I love it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Movie

There is s group of us girls that try to do a "girl's night" once a month. To celebrate mine and Jessica Johnson's birthdays we decided to go to the New Moon movie. It was very good and we all were sad to see the movie end. As you can see, we had made Shirts. They consisted of sayings like: I like my men cold, dead, and sparkly; My boyfriends a vampire, team Jacob and team Edward: I want both; I like my men sparkly and other things like that.

We thought that it was going to be as crazy as it is in Utah and Idaho, but we guessed wrong. We showed up 3 hours early to eat dinner and there was no one in line. Finally an hour and a half before we decided to get in line anyway even though there wasnt anyone in line for the movie. We ended up just sitting down in a group and hang out until they let us in. lol. Oh well. At least we got the seats we wanted.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Birthday 23

My friend and neighbor Blasina heart attacked my door for my birthday and then she threw me a surprise birthday lunch with other girls. It was great and she made me feel really special. She is a great person.

This is of my birthday. Lance had a huge test the day before so we celebrated on the 17th instead of the 18th. It was really nice since I got to spend a lot of the day with him. He actually got home way early at 2pm and then we dropped Devy off at our friend's house at 4. Since I wasn't feeling very good (Morning sickness) I decided I didn't want to go to dinner and a movie. So we went to Walmart and got some cheesecake and a pizza. I really wanted a maple donut but surprisingly Walmart didn't carry even one single maple donut, so I opted for a quarter cheesecake with 4 different flavored pieces of cheesecake.

All in all it was fun and we had a fun time eating cheesecake and watching the movie Up.
I actually had never heard of it until Lance said that one of his friends watched it and liked it. So we bought it. I was really surprised at the beginning because it didn't seem like a kid's movie to me. It was good though and I think I cried like 3 times. Good movie though.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Playground fun

One Saturday Devy and I and some of our friends went to a nearby elementary school and played on their kindergarten playground. It is pretty cool because this school has two different playgrounds. Then we went to the bigger one for bigger kids and Devy swung on the funny looking red swing. It was fun!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween and the Zoo

She was excited about the twizzlers she got. I think she was trying to eat it out of the wrapper. I got this look at the perfect time. It is so funny. I laugh so hard every time I look at it.

She didnt know what to think about this

Look how excited she is about the zoo!

The exotic swan of West Des Moines Iowa

Devy's first dum dum. She LOVED it almost too much.

Devy and I on the zoo train. Most of the animals were already put away for the winter so we only saw otters, lions, tigers, and llamas

The otters

There was a mix and mingle in our apartment complex. Devy got a little to friendly with the markers; by the end she had green all over her face. I guess she thought they tasted good.

All the kids that we went with.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New experiences and suprises

So, Devy loves to get into the cupboards and take EVERYTHING out. So I usually restock the shelves 2 or three times a day. It used to get really frustrated but this was just so amazing that I couldn't get mad. I had to take a picture.

She was only 13 months when she did this. I was cleaning the living room and Devy had been really quiet; because of this I knew I should go looking for her. I walked into the kitchen to see the damage and this is what I saw. I couldn't believe my eyes that she was stacking cans. It was crazy! I think I should get her some building blocks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Erica and Chelsea SO excited for Wicked to start

The girls left to right: Erica, Kristine, Chelsea, Me, and Carrie ( Sorry if I spelt names wrong). This was a total blast! I was sitting on the edge of my seat a few times and my eyes did have some tears in them a couple of times too... You just have to appreciate pure talent.

Kristine made these cute little "witches brooms" full of caramel popcorn! It was soo cute and soo good! Yes I did eat it all in one day! I couldnt help it. One day I hope to be as creative.

Kristine and I waiting for the play to start

Erica, Chelsea, Kristine, and me. I dont know where Carrie is. We were on the second to last row, but it was still great and so fun!
Yeah for girls nights!! Lion King in January anyone??

Walks in the Fall

There are a few other girls that I go for walks with just about every day. We like to do it because we get some girl talk and exercise. Its fun.

Devy loves it and we both enjoy getting outside.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Pictures

We had a girl in our ward take our family pictures. Devy was in a really bad mood the whole time and I was delightfully surprised that Mary got some of her smiling. She is amazing and worth every penny!

There are a lot here and I want to post more! Sorry I just LOVE all the pictures and I want everyone to see how amazing a photographer Mary Pinegar is!!

16 months

16 months

15 months

15 months

12 months

12 months

11 months

11 months
Future basketball player

9 months

9 months

Devy 8 months

Devy 8 months

6 months

6 months

5 months

5 months
The other outfit for Christmas fom Uncle Bryan, her says princess

5 Months

5 Months
Christmas Present from Uncle Bryan

4 Months

4 Months
All Smiles

13 months

13 months

Devy Month 2

Devy Month 2
Her cute little bow

Devy 1 Month

Devy 1 Month
She loves her Daddy

2 weeks

2 weeks
I look way tired but this is the only family pic we have of when she is this little. She looks tired too...